Here’s How To Protect And Maintain Your Windshield


The automotive glass applied on vehicles is specially made to withstand harsh conditions. Its make and construction is quite different than regular glass which is why it doesn’t smash and break easily in the event of an accident.

So the windshield of your car is more sturdy but that does not make it completely shatterproof. Your car can suffer damage and that might result in driving with a bit of difficulty. In some cases your car might even be deemed unsafe and illegal to be driven around owing to the severity of the cracks incurred.

This is why, taking some general precautions so as to maintain your windshield in top notch condition is important. Here are some tips that will help you protect and maintain your car’s windshield.

Suggestions For Driving

When you drive, small stones and bits of pavement get lobbed across from the car all the time. Furthermore, objects may fall from a vehicle passing by or they might just fly out of the window at times. The best driving lesson that you can perhaps give yourself is to keep a safe distance between yourself and the automobile in front of you.

This tip won’t just safeguard your windshield, but will also protect you as a driver. By staying behind, you buy yourself more reaction time. That extra bit of distance will save your windshield from the debris of the car ahead of you and you get enough time to swerve out of harm’s way.

Keep An Eye On The Temperature

The automotive glass of your car contracts and expands along with fluctuations in the temperature. If your car’s windshield is subjected to extensive heat continually, over time it will surely weaken the glass.

Because of this, it is recommended that you park in a shaded area whenever possible. The shades in the window hardly do anything to protect the glass from the heat so take measures to avert prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

Fix Windshield Chips As Soon As They Occur

There are some situations where you simply can’t avoid getting your windshield chipped. At times, you won’t even take note of these occurring but one day you get in your car and you’ll see a small crack sitting right there on the shield. Whenever such a chip comes to your attention, make sure that you get it fixed immediately.

If this window damage is not attended to, it will definitely grow and the changes in the temperature will only add to the extent of damage. This will surely distract you when you drive not to mention, over time it will cost you quite a lot to repair it all.

Small chips can be fixed in a jiffy, but if you let it sit around and fester, eventually you will have to replace your entire windshield.

Get Your Windshield Wipers Changed

The moment you notice that your windshield wipers are not able to rub all of the water on the glass, it is an indication that these have to be changed, stat. With the passage of time, the wiper blades lose their shape that results in application of unnecessary pressure on specific areas of the windshield instead of evenly distributing the pressure on the surface.

Old and worn out wiper blades alone will not be enough to damage your car, but add other problem areas to the picture and you’re guaranteed to lessen the sturdiness of the automotive glass making it vulnerable to potential chips and cracks.

Give Your Vehicle A Good Treatment

At some point, we’ve all vented out on our cars because of an argument with someone or simply because we were pissed off at something that happened. We slam the doors of our cars shut with all the rage that we could muster and that does makes us feel a bit better. But have you thought about how that affects the condition of the car?

Slamming car doors sends across tidal waves of shock all across the glass which makes it rather weak. It is as if a miniscule earthquake descended upon your vehicle for a second and it leaves behind considerable damage in its wake. So, in the future, refrain from doing this at all as it will end up causing expensive problems later on.

Instead, resortto vehicle wrapping in leicester, and regular checks and just be nice to yourcar. Don’t forget it solves all your travelling woes, so it deserves a goodtreatment at the very least.

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