Trending Motorbike Colours


A colour on a motorbike might not add any technical performance to it but has some intrinsic feeling on the driver. Colours are meant to denote the feelings and moods of the owner. Every colour has a code and depending on what the motorbike owner wants, or how he or she felt at the time of purchase, the choice would depict what he or she likes. The colour varies from body part paintings to full painting. Click here to see the variations of Honda motorbikes parts and choose your favourite colour.

The Type of Colour and What it stands forThe most popular motorbike colours are white, red, blue, black, silver and black. The list is in no particular order since the colour is a personal decision.

  1. The white colour is associated with royalty. It is a stable colour with finesse and attention drawn to it. If a motorbike is painted in white, it is unlikely that you will find the owner drifting with it. You might also find them in ceremonies, processions or important occasions.
  2. Red has always been associated with adrenaline. The colour is thrilling and always invites attention. Bike painted in red are mostly used for racing and show-off. Red has many shades, but all are related to speed.
  3. Silver or grey is also a royalty colour. Together with gold yellow, they form a combination that represents royalty. The difference between silver, golden versus white is that white is contemporary while the former is traditional. They are used on the same occasions, but the silver and golden yellow colours are more of show off or collections than a means of transport.
  4. Blue is a colour of peace and so would the motorbike appear. This, however, should not fool you as the gentleness can be harnessed to show surety in motion. It is a good colour for racing, but with experienced hands.
  5. Other contemporary colours like orange, maroon, green, pink, lavender and magenta are associated with new boys in the motorbike racing. Their bright colours represent a set of new tact in racing or technology. They are also treated as “pets” and cannot be seen out, especially for racing events. Astonishingly, they are not used in actual racing but acts as escorts to the traditional racing colours.

Genuine Honda motorbike parts can be found in any of the above-named colours from authorised dealers. There are more than 500 colours to choose from and if you want a customised colour, it can be done to suit your taste.

However, the use of the motorbike varies based on the owner. The explanation given above does not conclusively dictate its usage, but a mere observation based on the trends. If speed is a factor, then the motorbike’s engine power is the main determinant.

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