Motorcycle Training In London


AIf you have never thought about riding a motorcycle to and from work in London, these reasons may convince you of the benefits and of the importance of expert London motorcycle training before taking to the streets.

Great Fuel Efficiency

You can get a lot further on a tank of petrol in your motorbike than you can in a car, and this excellent fuel efficiency and money saving potential is obviously a big appeal.

Cheaper Insurance

Whereas rates as high as ┬ú1000 are normal for car insurance, motorcycle insurance is nearly always a lot lower and that’s another benefit of riding to work instead of driving. The engine size and design of the bike will affect the cost of the insurance, and it will cost more to insure a sports bike but in general you can reckon on bike insurance costing more like ┬ú500 a year.

Hard to Reach Places

Weaving in and out of busy traffic and even driving down narrow dirt roads are obviously easier on a motorcycle, and yet another benefit of trading in the car for a bike.

Free Parking

Many places don’t require bikes to pay for parking, and this benefit means you can potentially save big on the cost of parking over a year.

Easier to Clean

You can clean your bike in just a few minutes, rather than spending 20 minutes or more to clean your car. And of course, you only need to clean the outside of your bike and not the inside as you do with your car.

Higher Resale Value

When it is time to trade in your motorcycle for a newer or better model, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that motorcycles enjoy a higher resale value than the typical car. When it’s time to sell, you may even get back close to the amount you paid for it.

London Motorcycle Training

Both the simpler CBT training courses or the full training programme are available, depending on your riding needs and existing level of skill. You can expect a written test as well as an actual bike riding test if you choose the full training, while the CBT training focuses on the basics such as being able to turn safely and correctly and the rules of the road.

Complete the online form for more information, to schedule a class or to meet with one of the qualified and experienced riding instructors that are available.

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