How to keep your motorbike looking brand new



Motorbikes are a type of motor vehicles that are two wheeled, three wheeled or even four wheeled that are used by riders for different purposes. Motorbikes are majorly used for commuting but they also serve other purposes such as sport racing. The world’s top motorbike production brands are Yamaha and Honda both of them originating in Japan. Motorbikes are also referred to as motorcycles, cycles or even just bikes and are manufactured uniquely to fit their purpose. In other countries such as developing countries, they are mostly used since they are cheaper in terms of purchase and affordable motorcycle spares.

Enjoying the bike ride whether in the streets or rough terrain is the ultimate fun of owning a motorcycle. But after the ride, every rider wishes to keep the ride as clean and spotless as it was before or on the time of purchase. Some riders just get water and some washing powder with which they use to wash the ride and then it’s done. Although if you are entirely focused to not only keep the bike clean but looking brand new, here are some of the tips you can try;


In order to protect your motorbike from direct UV rays of the sun, waxing is an absolute solution to this situation. Preventing the sunrays from directly getting the prints and art work on the bike ensures that the bike will always look vibrant as the shades will not be lost. Direct UV rays can be responsible for shading off of some prints hence this makes the bike look older. For owners who are used to waxing their bikes, it is also necessary to ensure that all the wax smeared in the past is removed before applying again. The wax once applied rubbed and dry can also be effective in prevention of dirt.


Lubrication is an essential procedure of regulating friction especially in motorbikes. The chain is one of the main parts that is prone to wear and tear due to the much friction as a result of rotating the wheels to steer movement. The chain should be lubricated a number of time maybe after between300 to 700miles of travelling. The wear and tear of the chain sometimes can depend on the riders’ style but it is necessary to lubricate the chain according to the standard number of times. This ensures your motorbike does not get old faster due to wear and tear hence it looks brand new always.

Find good cleaning products

Besides waxing to prevent direct sunrays, use of appropriate and good cleaning products will help you save the prints and artwork on your bike. By keeping the prints glittering and labels in touch the bike will always look new. When in need to determine the perfect cleaning product, the first and foremost consideration is by discovering both the acidity and alkalinity of the washing products. This will help you have the knowledge concerning the reactivity of the material to the products used to make the labels or print work of the bike. Choose the suitable type that does not have any effects or reactions with the motorcycle paint.

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