First Timer Riders Guide to Selecting a Motorcycle


Motorcycles are an amazing multipurpose ride, they offer fast transportation with an added benefit of fuel efficiency and they also become a life-long hobby. For those that are just beginning to think about purchasing a motorcycle, there are several different types of options to select between. Each type of bike has distinct differences that are better suited for various types of riding. Before making that major investment read this simple guide to aid in selecting the ideal ride. 


Cruisers tend to be long and offer long seating. They aren’t about speed, but more about style and comfort. Cruiser motorcycles are ideal for highway driving and typically offer an extra seat for a passenger. 

Dual- Sport 

Hobbyists can really enjoy dual-sport motorcycles as the name suggests they are multipurpose. These bikes can be used both on and off the road and are street legal. Dual-sports can be ridden on trails, dirt tracks along with paved roads. Their flexibility in use is the major appeal to riders. 


Classic styling from motorcycle origins makes retro bikes stand out. They offer a simple approach to riding with added modern upgrades like antilock brakes and fuel injection. Retro bikes have an excellent reputation for long-term reliability. 


Casual transportation and commuting are exactly what scooters offer. They have room for storage, great gas mileage, light-weight, and can accommodate larger riders. Scooters are not made for speed but more for reliable transportation in-town. 

Sports Bikes 

For riders looking for speed and precision, this is the best option. Sports bikes tend to be lighter in weight, have faster acceleration, precision cornering, and quick braking power. They can be raced on paved tracks as a hobby or competitively. A Kawasaki Ninja hillsboro or is an excellent example of a sports bike that suits both first time and veteran bikers. 

Standard and Touring 

Standard bikes offer almost the same benefits as sports bikes in terms of power and use. The major difference is they are a bit more comfortable to ride and might offer more utility options. There are many added benefits that touring motorcycles offer. They tend to be the most comfortable and luxurious ride. There can be optional radios, heated seating, padded seating combined with the standard weather-proof materials and added storage. Adventure touring motorcycles can go off-road but are primarily large street bikes. 

Making the decision to purchase a motorcycle is very exciting. It is a choice that leads to an entirely new lifestyle, hobby, and friends. There are several different motorcycles options made to suit different uses. Comfort, speed, off-roading, power, excellent fuel economy are some of the options riders have to select between. First-time motorcyclists can test out several options to find the right feel and fit for their unique wants. Regardless of the chosen bike, it will bring excitement and variety to daily life. Commuting will go from tedious to exciting and weekend rides just cannot be beat.

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