Tire Buying Tips


Tires are, perhaps, the most important part of a car. Tires are literally what helps give your car enough stability, keep the car on the road and give it enough grip so that the car does not slip. However, most people fail to realise the importance of tires. If your car tyres are under-inflated, do not have good tread grip, this means that the tyres can literally put your life in danger. They are that important.

Moreover, most people do not even know which aspects and factors to consider when buying a tire. For most people, it comes down to the price or reputation and look of the tire. However, if you are looking for the best tires in town or, for that fact, in the world, choose Michelin Tyres. Although on the pricier side, these tires live up to their good reputation and integrity.

Here are a few buying tips you should consider when buying new tyres for a car. It is important that you make an informed decision and do what is best for your life and your car and the passengers as well:

  1. Remember that not all tires are equal. Some may look good to you but they may not be exactly good for your car or they may not fit. A very common mistake which people make is buying tires which are not the correct size for your car. Your tires literally support the weight of your car and without them, all of the fancy functions of a car are useless. When buying tires, always check the sidewall of the tires. The sizes and capabilities of the tire are usually written there.
  2. If, on the sidewall, the tire size code is LT, it means that it is a light truck tire. Light truck tires are usually designed to carry heavier vehicles and are made for SUVs and big jeeps. If the tire size code is P, it means that it is a passenger car tire
  3. Check the speed rating. The higher the speed rating, it means that the tires can dissipate heat more quickly.
  4. Check the load rating. The higher the load rating, the more the ability of the tires to carry greater weight. Do not choose lower load rated tires

If you happen to reside in UAE and are looking for new tires, click on buy tyres online for the best price deals.

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