The purpose of rapid prototyping and its processes


Are you worried about the design of your product? How would it like to be? Earlier you may have wished to do a creative product design, but it was wonder how it could be possible? You may have thought to explain your product design to your investors, co-workers, or even with the customers, but no way-out was there. Only some traditional type of prototyping facilities was there those were not fulfilling your need, thought, concepts, and ideas.

Nowadays, rapid prototyping has made a ground-breaking change in the plastic parts production and design with the cooperation of engineers and designers to produce high quality prototypes that anyone can feel, look and work with it as the finished product should.

What is the concept of rapid prototyping?

At the beginning of a design process, the work started with a concept or idea. After that it is converted to a hand drawn design on a paper and finally turns to make a prototype. Rapid prototyping is nothing but a rapid process of prototype development to reveal and display the product or item. The process of rapid prototyping depends on three dimensional Computer Aided Design data and it engages a 3D printing technology for production. It better to accept the fact that, prototype is not manufactured with the same material used in final production. So the durability of the prototype cannot be determined.

Advantages of rapid prototyping:

  • With the help of rapid prototyping client can get a clear visualization of the design about the product or item based on the concept of product design. The engineers and designers can share their product design concepts evidently with the customers, investors and co-workers. The product design has been considered as more vivid and clear as incorporation of any adjustment can be made as per their requirements.
  • With the rapid prototyping the efficiency has been developed which was not before. Earlier it was so expensive and time taking process to get the prototypes for the required products. If any changes has to implement on the prototype then again a lots of expenditure was there. But, with rapid prototyping this prototype production cost and time of producing prototypes has been reduced and now engineers and the designers can run the process with full efficiency. The efforts have been reduced as the engineers can utilize the same machine for producing different types of prototypes.
  • The most amazing advantage of rapid prototyping is customization. Earlier it was hard to incorporate the designs for the small parts, even next to impossible to alter after the design was finalized. But with this additive technology the designers can now produce finest designs of any product or item as per client need or market requirements.
  • With this technology in prototype production companies are getting more faster and quick in producing prototypes with ultimate revised designs for their clients and markets. At any point of time, before the final production any revision can be placed to the engineers and the designers based on physical testing and market feedback.

Processes involved to it: 

  • With this rapid prototyping one can easily implement many concepts and ideas which may take a quick turnaround time. Even the designers and the engineers can showcase their designs alongwith physical testing its functionality. In this case the three dimensional printers are the solution for producing high quality models.
  • The concept of functional prototyping allows the engineers and the designers to display how a part of the product will work under stress or in the market. This kind of prototyping can offer you to experience the design to make easy review of its fit, function and the capability of the product before it proceed to the production.
  • It enables the manufacturers to test the final product before it goes to the market with the three dimensional printers engaging various engineering plastics, the tolerance, durability, stress and other factors of a product.

With rapid prototyping the engineers and the designers are incessantly developing the products and actively monitoring the issues related to prototyping.

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