Off-Road Freedom Trailer Bill of Sale


The certificate of assignment of a trailer is quite similar to that of a car, as much in its presentation as in its components. With the main objective of translating into a legal and administrative act the transfer of the property rights of a seller (former owner) to a buyer (new owner), it boils down to a form available online, to be completed and return to the prefecture. In its content, it records information as much about the parties to the contract as the characteristics of the property that is the object. Thus, in order to complete the divestment transaction, the following are essential:

  • The transfer certificate duly completed;
  • The certificate of non-pledge ‚ÄČ;
  • The registration certificate or the registration certificate.

The registration of the declaration of assignment or Off-Road Freedom Trailer Bill of Sale is an obligatory formal step that certifies that the former owner transfers the ownership of his vehicle to a third party or sells it. He renounces all his responsibilities. Whether in the context of a sale between individuals or a donation between several members of the same family, completing and signing the form of certificate of assignment of a used vehicle is mandatory.

It is up to the previous owner of the vehicle on sale to fill the top of the form. He must enter information about the vehicle such as its license plate, its date of first registration, its brand or its commercial name. He must also complete the second box regarding his identity and contact information.

The new owner, meanwhile, must complete the part of the sales certificate that is dedicated to him, by providing his identity and contact details. It is necessary to indicate the date and time at which the sale takes place. The document must specify the nature of the procedure: whether it is an assignment for destruction, an assignment for sale, or an acquisition in the form of a gift.

The form must be signed by both parties, that is, the seller and the buyer. If there is a co-owner mentioned on the document, he must also sign it. Once the assignment of the vehicle is recorded in the SIV, the seller obtains an acknowledgment of assignment that proves that he no longer owns the vehicle as of the date and time indicated on the document.

The seller of the vehicle then has a period of 15 days to declare the transfer of the vehicle to the ANTS or an authorized site. The ANTS will issue a gray card assignment code to the seller after he has reported the sale of his vehicle. The seller will then have to send the code to the buyer.

Attention: As long as the seller does not validate his declaration of assignment of vehicle with the body of his choice, the new owner will not be able to make a request for a new registration card on the ANTS website.

Once the seller has made the declaration of assignment of his vehicle, the new owner has a period of 1 month, from the date of the transfer of the vehicle, to register the Off-Road Freedom Trailer Bill of Sale in his name. Once the form is completed and signed, the new owner will have to update the registration certificate, to establish a new registration card in his name and for it to be able to circulate legally.

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