Custom Logistics Software – Features That Will Save You Money


In this era of digitization, the logistics industry is implementing innovation by changing its delivery process using the software. The application software has taken most of the manual tasks like planning and execution. The manual tasks like paperwork and securing vulnerable information are being automated and is helping the logistics organization is a big way. The integration of logistics software is a part of the business process and evolution. If the businesses are not using the logistics software for delivery then it is high time to do so. The custom logistics software will save your money using the automation and eliminating the basic human mistakes like an error in calculations. The accurate planning and execution of the logistics help with data security and reduce the expenses dramatically.

Advantages of Logistics Software

Implementing logistics software can sometimes be overwhelming but custom logistics software helps to reduce the logistics costs and can easy to be integrated.

The logistics software offer some great advantages like the below:


The main advantage of using logistics software is to optimize manual work and implementing a custom system. If the employees still contact the contracts to get the deliveries done then you know it is the high time to use the custom logistics software. The software can optimize the routes and works faster using it. It will help the employees to replace the routine calling


Making manual calculations call for mistakes and is a part of human nature. Even the best employee cannot work error-free and may need reviews or revisions. But to function optimally companies need a high level of precision. A custom logistics app has the exact data points to calculate accurately.

Planning Execution and Security

The custom logistics software can help in proper planning and execution of the day to day activities. The software helps in planning and adhering to keep track of the current situation. The system can plan to automatically reschedule the loading to avoid truck inefficiency.

Map Routing

In the trucking industry finding the shortest and safest route is one of the main tasks. The PC Miler software is the map routing software drives the transportation industry using the cost data to optimize the assets, drive pay, drive time and calculations. On giving just the source and destination truck routing software will find the best route for you.

Logistics Maintenance

In the logistics industry, proper execution of maintenance requires resources such as trained technicians, spare parts, repair facilities, and other information to perform the task efficiently. To operate a logistics business without any obstacle it is imperative to have regular maintenance. Fleet maintenance software is a modern-age computer-based software solution for effectively managing the fleet of different sizes.

Using the fleet maintenance software, you can increase productivity as well as the efficiency of your fleet. The software helps in fleet management, fuel management, fleet safety, driver behavior, total costs, cost-per-mile, and asset tracking. The fleet maintenance software also assists in preventative maintenance scheduling, inspections, issue management, purchase orders, work orders and many more.

Tax saving

Every size of the trucking business must follow the rules and regulations of the industry to operate their business smoothly. They should know in detail about the taxes they are required to pay to the Government. Many truckers do not know what is IFTA tax and so have to face difficulties to run their business. Knowing about IFTA will have them to file the tax on time and helps them to run their business flawlessly. IFTA is the abbreviation of the International Fuel Tax Agreement. It is an agreement between 48 lower states of US and 10 Canadian Provinces to simplify reporting and filling of fuel taxes.

Filing of IFTA requires lots of mathematical calculations to be done, hence IFTA software is the right tool to get it done with accuracy. IFTA software generates reports on distance traveled, fuel purchased, fuel consumption, refunds, MPG, fuel and mileage due, credits and many more.

Types of Logistics Software

There are many types of logistics software in the market. You can avail the one as per your organizational needs and budget. However, integrating logistics software with the current workflow may be difficult, so it is advisable to use the custom logistics software. The custom logistics software is developed keeping in mind the current demand and structure of the organization. Therefore, it can easily fit and streamlines the end-to-end supply chain processes.

For Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry is becoming more challenging with huge competition. To acquire a position in the market they need to upgrade their business with the right software and tools. Oilfield software is introduced to help oil and gas businesses to operate optimally.

Oilfield software helps in managing and executing multiple tasks including ticket management, manage sales pipeline, track and manage the company’s assets, employee management, and inventory management, minimizes cost, etc.

Freight Management

Cargo management has always been complex for every size of the company. Freight shipping is a multi-step process and to manage all, you need to pay close attention to every detail. Freight management combines logistics operation, human resources, and skills to have better coordination between carriers and shippers by using freight brokerage software. It covers all the major aspects of logistics within the transportation industry. Many companies are emphasizing on freight management to optimize the different stages of transportation goods.

Fleet Management

The fleet management comprises a whole lot of functions including fleet management, supply chain management, vehicle maintenance and fuel management. It is a function that relies on transportation to remove the risks associated with the vehicle. In the modern transportation industry, fleet management is done by the software.

Logistics Software Features

The logistics industry has significant growth in the last few decades. The economy of many countries also depends on logistics as it is one of the major industries. For logistics and supply chain management the recent and high-tech tools that offers an array of opportunity is a great choice. There are many amazing features of logistics software for supply chain and transportation business.

Some of the features are mentioned below:

Multiple-client Handling Architecture

When a company deals with many clients at a time, it becomes essential to have logistics software that can support multiple –client architecture. Powerful software with inventory and purchase orders has more importance as the process manages several customers in different phases.

Real-time Visibility

In the logistics industry, it is utmost important to track the fleet movement and stay connected with the drivers. The latest logistics software provides real-time visibility of the end-to-end supply chain process. This is very helpful for the businesses to take necessary steps if required.


Another important feature of logistics software is that it provides data analytics. This empowers the business to analyze the performance of different activities and helps in evaluation. Viewing the data it is easier for the business to optimize the operations.


Forecasting is one of the main features of logistics software as it helps to bridge the gap between demand and supply. Demand, supply, cost and other forecasting help the business to properly streamline supply chain operations.

Mileage Tracker

In the trucking business, mileage tracking and calculation are one of the crucial tasks. Accurate mileage calculation is required at the IFTA calculation. This helps in reporting and filing IFTA without any error. To simplify mileage calculation, IFTA reporting software has been designed. The calculator collects and reports the correct mileage and fuel purchase. The tool also keeps track of distance records, gap miles, fuel receipts and many more.

The calculator saves you valuable time as the process is completely automated. With manual calculations, there is a chance of error which may result in hefty fines. IFTA mileage calculator is precise and gives accurate outcomes.

Inventory control

Inventory control or stock control is an activity to manage, regulate, and maximize the inventories of your organization.

Inbound and Outbound Transportation Management

Inbound and outbound transportation management depicts the logistics of goods. In inbound, transportation happens when the goods are coming at the location. In outbound transportation, the goods are going out of the business location. It is an integral part of the transportation management reducing the costs associated with the delivery.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management is a process to control the day to day operations of a warehouse-like picking of goods, put away, receiving and shipping. Warehouse management is not easy and needs lots of paperwork. The warehouse management manages and automates the manual process helping with central control of warehouse capabilities.

Customizable solutions

Integrating the management systems with existing workflows can be problematic and can cost you much. The customizable solutions are designed specifically for a business so that the integration is smooth. Customizable solutions need one-time investment but are easy and reliable.


The custom logistics software serves the customer and business owners steadily. Manual processes take too much time in reviews and fixing the errors. The software automates the majority of manual processes and helps to deliver error-free solutions. If the businesses have not adopted the custom software already then now is the best time to do so. The customizable solutions will help the owners to be upfront in the neck to neck completion.

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