What To Do On The Day Of Your Move


The day has come, and it’s finally time to leave your current place and start a new journey elsewhere. Whether you are moving a couple of blocks down or to a completely different city, there’s no denying how stressful this day can be. With all the fuss happening, it’s easy to get sidetracked and have your attention split into a hundred different tasks.

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, it’s best that you have a Self Move Hire service that can work with you professionally. It’s also a good idea to surround yourself with friends and family that can help calm you down and add some life to the moving out party.

Aside from having your support system, here are five other things you should do on the day of your move.

  1. Be In Touch With Your Logistics

The morning of your move, you should first call all the services you will need for the day. Contact your moving team, and Interstate van hire by Go With The Gecko to make sure that they arrive on time or that they aren’t lost. If you have kids or pets, consider hiring a sitter for the day to help you focus more on your tasks.

  1. Check Your List

Once you have talked with your moving team, it’s time to refer to your checklist. Mark what needs to be loaded first or last, which boxes are fragile, or which ones aren’t included at all. while you’re doing this, make sure to keep tabs on how many boxes are present before the movers arrive. Segregate containers for donation or pick up of friends or family to avoid any mix-ups. It’s your ultimate task to oversee everything, so it’s crucial to have a clear mind during this time.

  1. Clean Up And Clear Out

If your boxes are all set and ready, move on to clearing pathways for the movers or possible last-minute visitors. Remove mats, pots and planters, and everything else that needs to be moved without any packaging. If you still used electronic appliances, you should start unplugging them and moving them close to where your other boxes are. While doing this, clean up after messes and get rid of trash and other items that won’t be coming with you. Set them aside or have them thrown out so as not to mix with what you’re loading.

  1. Take Care Of Your Team

A few hours into loading up your boxes into the van, make sure to have some snacks ready. Whether you prepared meals yourself or ordered a pizza, take this extra step to keep everyone working with you happy and full. Make sure to have water available so that the workers can take a few sips every now and again. Remember, you hired them to do what you can’t, so at least offer something to keep them going.  If you are right on schedule, allow them to have a few minutes of break to enjoy their food or maybe use the bathroom. Considering their needs will also inspire them to work better.

  1. Final Check

Once everything is loaded inside the van, make sure to talk to the driver and crew members regarding any paperwork or other questions you might have. This will also be the perfect time to tip if you want to.

Also, now that your place is clear do one final sweep and check each room to see if there are any forgotten boxes or items.

Final Word

Following a proven and tested guideline such as this will ensure that you have a smooth sailing time during this supposedly hectic day. Consider all the tips above for your next move to save you time and energy.



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