How to Rent a car not using Credit Card


It may sound that renting a car without making use of credit card is not practical. But there are some car renting companies allow you to rent a car with debit card and cash. It is true the numbers of these types of car renting companies are limited but you can if you want. Okay let me tell you in details.

1. Choosing Company allow you to use Debit card

Yes there are some out there for you. Up till now some of the car renting company jumps into modification of policy. The companies used to accept only credit card now accepting debit card. And others are coming this way soon. But car renting companies have their own different list of document submission while you are renting car without credit card. The things they generally ask for paper of car insurance, recent statement of your banking transaction, Social security card, and your medical history. Some companies ask for your attendance certificate from third party.

Is it sounds you are hiring an Airplane? Don’t worry I have the solution for you. Our friend at Car Rental express are one of those not this type creatures. Car Rental Express let you rent a car with cash or debit card without any complexity. Renting car without credit card is much easier finally!

2. Look at Your Car Options

Now you know renting a car without credit card is much easier. But all the companies will allow rent any car with debit card. They have a criteria and list of cars that are rentable without credit card. It may happen what you need is not available on debit card or cash payment. Be care of these companies and choose the company let you rent car of your choice.

3. Age Requirement

Many car renting companies do not allow the people underage. They have a policy of age to be above 25 years. If you are not at that age, can you rent a car at 18? Car Rental Express gives you opportunity to hire car even if you are not 25. So do not just be concerned if you and your school friends are planning to go out somewhere.

4. Valid Driving License

It is something required everywhere and every car renting agency ask for your driving license while renting a car. One Company has the right to know if you are able to drive a car before they give their car. So be careful! Don’t forget to take your driving license before leaving home.

5. Requirement of Travel Plan

Car renting companies may be pretty nosy if you are hiring car at the Airport. Some companies ask you to show proof of your returning flight out of the city. This is another area where car rental express is pretty flexible. You need to book the car 24 hours back and bring basic documents to take the car with you.

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