How to Pass the Motorcycle Theory and Practical Test


Some More Things You Should Know

Actually, the CBT training is not a test, so you have no reason to be anxious about it. You should take things easy and enjoy the training. This way, you will learn what the instructor is teaching you. Another important fact is that there is no pressure here. You only move on to the next stage when you are ready for it.

Motorcycle Theory & Practical Test

If your instructor is satisfied that you can handle the motorbike in a safe and competent manner, you will get your CBT Certificate or DL196 Certificate. The next step is to train for a full motorcycle licence. There are four categories and to get a licence in any of these categories, you need a moped or a motorcycle licence. You also have to take the theory & practical test. The theory test is a multiple choice exam and you can do it at the DSA centre near you.

In case you are wondering how much this will cost, the correct answer is: “it depends”. Some people need more training than others and more training costs more money. Having said this, one day’s training costs £200 while four days training costs £750.

Below are the four categories of motorcycle licence, plus the Accelerated Access.

1. Moped Licence.

You should be 17 years or older to go for this licence. Note that a moped is a bike with an engine capacity that is no larger 50cc with a maximum speed of approximately 31mph. First, you pass the theory test then you start training. After you pass the practical test at a DSA centre, you will be able to ride a moped and even carry a pillion passenger.

2. Light Motorcycle Licence (A1).

To get the A1 licence, you should be 17 or older. You should also have your CBT in the bag. Unless you already have a moped licence, you need a provisional licence and you should take your theory test. If you have completed your training successfully, you have to take your practical test on a machine with the appropriate engine capacity. In this case, we are talking about 75cc to 125cc. Once you pass this examination, you are officially licenced to ride a bike with a capacity of 125cc or 11kW. You can also carry a pillion passenger.

3. Standard Motorcycle Licence (A2 — restricted).

Now, this licence is for people who prefer something a bit bigger. To get this licence, you should be between the ages of 17 and 20 and you are required to take the (A2 restricted) licence. First, you must have your CBT. You also need to obtain a provisional motorcycle licence and then you pass your theory test. Once you have met all these requirements, you take the training required to pass your practical test. For the practical test, the ideal bike should be between 120cc and 125cc capacity. In addition, this bike should be capable of doing a speed of at least 100kph. If you pass this test, you can go ahead and ride a bike without L-plates. You can also carry a passenger. However, you are not allowed to operate a to a machine if maximum the output is in excess of 25kW or 33bhp. In addition, you are restricted to a machine with a maximum power-to-weight ratio of 0.16kW/kg. However, after two years you can ride any machine of your choice without any further tests or training.

4. Accelerated Access.

Now, let us assume you have qualified for the Standard Motorcycle Licence (A2 restricted). If you hit your 21st birthday and you are still in the mandatory two-year restricted period, you can take advantage of the Accelerated Access option. This means you can take your practical test on a machine with a power output of 35kW or 47bhp. If you pass, you get instant promotion! This means you have a full licence immediately without waiting for the two years to be up.

5. Direct Access — Unrestricted Category A.

This is the “any motorcycle” licence and this is what most people want. If you are above 21 years of age and you have your CBT as well as your theory test, you can take your practical test. In this case, you need a machine with a 47bhp output. You can practice on a machine of this size if a qualified Direct Access instructor always accompanies you while you are training. In addition, you should wear fluorescent clothing all the time. If you pass this test, you are qualified to ride any motorcycle without L-plates. You can also carry a passenger because you are qualified to do so.

Finally, it is important to remember this. If you do not pass the theory & practical test within two years of passing the CBT, you have to take the CBT again.

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