Car Disposal


It usually doesn’t take much effort to dispose of an old car. However, can often offer a worthwhile alternative.

After a certain age of the vehicle, repairs become more and more expensive. If no buyer can be found for the old vehicle, the car is often to be disposed of. Fortunately, it doesn’t take too much effort to dispose of a car.

But: Despite the poor condition, the vehicle usually still has a certain value. Start your online evaluation at now and find out which sales opportunities your car still has. This may give you the opportunity to avoid car scrapping. Use our online tool now!

According to the Old Vehicle Ordinance (AltfahrzeugV), you as the vehicle owner are obliged to take care of the Auto entsorgen and scrapping of a car that is to be classified as waste. It is important to follow certain rules.

After all, only recognized collection points and dismantling companies are allowed to take over the disposal of cars. Both regional recycling centers and various car workshops and master craftsmen are permitted.

Another option is to hand them over to the manufacturer; they have been obliged to accept old vehicles from their own production free of charge. The same applies to the authorized car dealers. However, there are some restrictions. An end-of-life vehicle can only be returned free of charge if:

  • this was last approved within the EU
  •  it was registered for more than a month before decommissioning
  •  essential components such as drive, chassis or catalytic converter are still present and have not been removed
  • no waste was added to the car
  • the approval documents were not changed

How does the scrapping of a car work?

Today, car disposal is primarily designed for recycling and reuse. Before the trolley classified as waste ends up in the scrap press, the recyclers remove as many individual parts as possible and also remove the cabling.

In addition, they drain all liquids. Ultimately, only the body remains. Depending on the condition, the recycler sells individual components of the vehicle as spare parts.

By stipulating such a procedure, the legislature aims to protect the environment. However, it also has economic advantages. After all, the prices for individual components are not exactly low, depending on the model. This is also important for classic cars, as spare parts are often no longer manufactured for them.

Car recycling costs

If you give your old car to the manufacturer for free, there is no need to ask about the costs. After all, as the last owner, he takes care of scrapping the car. If, on the other hand, you choose a recycler, the value of your vehicle is particularly important.

Serious providers credit this. Depending on the model and condition of your car, you might even get a little extra cash. In any case, the costs incurred by the user will be deducted.

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