Because the electric car is convenient


Today we are experiencing a real automotive market revolution thanks to electric cars. Let’s find out why they agree.

Low costs

Starting from management fees, research was carried out that shows how an electric car is now more convenient. In particular, the benefit lies in the supply of energy compared to a traditional car powered by heat engines.

This leads to savings of between 400 and 600 euros per year. And the costs are also lower, from 200 to 400 euros less. Maintenance of components subject to periodic wear will be economical. Don’t worry about oil filters, for example, as these are not present on battery-powered cars.


Qs far as performance is concerned, and without considering the capacity of cars using heat engines, the same study just mentioned highlighted how electric cars are more efficient than hydrogen ones, which are always zero emissions. Comparing the data, it emerged that at a European level it takes between 9 and 12 euros to travel 100 kilometers with a hydrogen car, while with an electric car we need between 2 and 7 euros. However, according to analysts on, the benefit of hydrogen on buses and trucks that are forced to do many more miles remains.

 Attention to ecology

How can we not then consider the aspect of ecology and attention to the environment, which has now become a problem due to pollution. Also in this case the study highlights how the materials used to produce battery-powered cars (including the electricity concentrated inside them) do not always come from renewable sources.

Conversely, at present an electric car has a lower production of CO2 than a combustion car only after traveling 100 thousand kilometers.

The efficiency of electric cars

Finally, it emerged from the study that a hydrogen-powered car manages to be efficient on a global scale of 25-35%, against 70-80% of an electricity. This, due to the high energy losses that occur in the electrolysis phase to derive the green fuel from water and in the transformation of hydrogen into electricity.

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