What To Know About Car Scams And How To Avoid Them


Looking for a car can be tricky. It’s important to know about all of the scams that you might face. Unfortunately, consumers are at the mercy of what dealers tell us and that can be all we can go on. That said, one should take the time find out and learn about the scams that can nearly ruin your experience and set you back. Here are some things to look for when avoiding scams to get your new or used car. 

Window Stickers 

These can be very confusing if you are not careful. Some might show a discount if you put down a certain amount. These can be seriously misleading and most people lose themselves in trying to understand. Bring a notepad or better yet, use your phone and take a picture so you know what to ask about. You might also see options that are listed. These could for be added on after the car got on the lot. You also want to look at the wording of special packaging. This could me something entirely different if you are not careful. 

Charging Deposits 

Though it is encouraged to never put down any kind of deposit, you also should be aware of what is called a “hold” deposit. This is a complete scam as no auto dealership needs to hold your money so you or they can think about it and come back later. There are plenty of cars and no one needs to hold funds until they can find you one on the lot. If this happens or you are asked, then you need to immediately leave. 


You should be very mindful about any dings or scratches on the car of interest. When you walk on the lot, keep in mind that they move them in and out of tight places. It is possible for them to be scraped against the walls and more. There is nothing worse than finding the car you want, buying it and it has a bad paint job. It can be a challenge returning a car, let alone proving the scrapes where there when you bought it. You can always find a nissan dealer md


Most cars often come with a regular warranty. Some sales people might try to get you to take on an extended warranty which could be useless. Make sure whatever warranty you get that it will kick in when you need it. Warranties are in place to give you piece of mind if the car breaks down and you have to pay. Find out from the dealership exactly what your warranty entails and will cover. Don’t get left out in the dark when something happens and you have no funds to pay for the repair. 

Getting a car doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck. Find out about what scams are happening and try to avoid them. Come prepared to the dealership and take a notepad with some written questions. This will help break down any confusion when looking at buying a car you will spend a lot of money on.

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