What To Ask Auto Dealers At The Purchase Table


It’s exciting when you walk into a dealership and look at all of the shiny new cars. You may find yourself struggling to make a decision. This can happen to all of us when we are in the moment and are about to pull out that wallet. However, before you spread out the bills or even agree to make a payment, there are some things to consider and ask the dealer. Here are few topics to discuss before you sign on the dotted line. 


Most cars will come with a significant warranty that will last for 90 days or more. However, you need to know what exactly will it cover. Extended warranties are often a “no no” on consumer products and you need to act with the same caution. Ask the salesperson to explain how the warranty will kick in once you drive the car off the lot and something happens six months later. Many consumers have found themselves in a bit of a bind financially because they did not read the fine print. You can always get a new subaru for sale utah


Once you are at the table and ready to deal, it doesn’t hurt to ask for extras. This could be great if you are buying an electric car. Ask if there are any incentives or credits for being an environmental conscientious person. You never know they could provide you with a large check right on the spot or a hefty discount to your payments. If you are buying for your children, ask about the education or the military discounts. Many dealers are happy to award children who have maintained straight As and made it into college. Who knows, maybe the dealership awards local high school students going to the Alma mater they represent or support. Military is another good discount to ask about as well. Children who are going off to risk their lives can be an honorable thing and certainly may deserve a discount for a car their family will use while gone in the field. 


Fees are always a little sneaky thing we forget to chat about when signing the dotted line. We know there will be some taxes, registry costs and sales tax, but what else? Never hesitate to be upfront and aggressive at the negotiating table. Unexpected fees can through you off and kill the buzz of owning a car in the first place. You might get home, drive the car for a bit and get a serious surprise on your first bill. When in doubt simply ask and maybe do some research on your own. It doesn’t hurt to also ask around to friends and family members who may have bought a car in the last few months. Ask them to show you their bill and or invoice to see anything out of the ordinary. This can help you avoid mistakes and help you understand what you are getting yourself into. You will impress the salesperson that you have done your homework.

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