Five Important Things to Look For When Choosing A Reliable Auto Dealer


Success in purchasing a new vehicle has a lot to do with who you buy it from. In fact, choosing an auto dealer may just be the most important decision you make. You want a dealer that is above board, trustworthy, and hard-working. Here are five things to look for when shopping for an auto-dealer. 

Good Reviews 

The quality of a dealership is reflected in their reviews. Good dealers get rave reviews from happy consumers. Bad dealers recieve irate ranting from people they screwed over. No one likes driving away with a lemon and the internet is the perfect place for people to vent their frustration. There are hundreds of sites dedicated to consumer reviews and any one of them will contain an accurate depiction of what using said dealer is like. So do some homework and find a dealer with favorable ratings and reviews. If a host of other consumers had a pleasant experience than so will you. 

Sales Approach 

A dealer’s sales approach says a lot about them. You want to steer clear of overly-aggresive dealers that try to upsell you on everything. You should also stay away from places that lure you to the lot under false pretenses. A bad dealer is out to create profit for themselves and does not care about your situation. A good dealer puts the customer first. A good dealer will try to steer you towards an automobile that fits your financial situation better. They will still try to upsell you but they will not try to force it. Above all if they you are looking for a Ford Ecosport Cincinnati OH. they will have one on the lot. 


Whether you are buying old or new a car often comes with warrantees. A warrentee is a long-term relationship you will have with the dealership’s service departement. If that departement is low quality this relationship will cause much stress. So when looking at a dealer take a gander at their facitilites. If the service department has good ratings and is not overly busy than you can feel confident about using them in the future. 

Customer Service 

If the only person on the lot that is nice to you is the specific salesman you are working with go somewhere else. The service staff on a lot should be friendly, cordial, helpful, patient, and attentive. If they do not give you the time of day it is a definate warning sign. 


Finding a well-established dealership is a definite step in the right direction. Selling cars is not an easy affair and any business that has been able to do it for years is doing something right. Additionally, it gives a dealership reliability knowing they will be there if you need them. New dealerships can be reliable if they are attached to a larger franchise. Independent dealers that just opened their doors are risky. The last thing you need is to develop a problem and find you dealer closed down.

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