Buying Brand Name Tires For Your Car


It can happen at the worst time. You are sitting in bumper to bumper traffic and next thing you know you smell rubber burning and then you hear a pop. You want to believe that it’s not your vehicle but turns out, it is. Now you have to all the way over to the shoulder safely to put the spare on. If only you had not bought that used tire the day before you could have spared using your remaining strength from being at work all day to change a flat. You should have gotten a brand new tire. It’s not like you didn’t have the money to get it. For you, it was all about saving a few dollars and now you are paying for it. 

Why Buy New Brand Name Tires 

There are plenty of brand name tires out there that you can buy, but if you want a tire that will last longer than any of those, there are two brands that would stick out the most. You see them all the time on brand new vehicles at pretty much every dealership. So these would the tires to get. Plus, you can catch them on sale. If you want to go to your dealership where you purchased yours, then get them there, that would be a good option. You can go and take a look at any nissan tires chicago il to see what kind of deals they have there or wherever you are across the nation. Thee are tire shops everywhere that would sale the brand name tire you trust to be on your vehicle. You can even go to your neighborhood supercenter store or supercenter club to get some new tires put on your vehicle. Your ride will look really nice with brand new wheels sitting on it. 

New Versus Used 

With new tires, you know what you are getting and there’s plenty of tread. Plus, most places will offer a warranty. If the tire pops or starts leaking air you can get take. Care for free. New tires do last about a year and a half or maybe longer depending on the brand. Also, new tires tend you make your vehicle seem newer because of the gas mileage. When they are properly inflated your car or truck does not have to work so hard to get you from point “A” to point “B”. Used tires are only good if you know where to go to get the best ones. Not all neighborhood shops carry the best-used tires and while the prices may be cheap, there is no warranty. You are taking a risk when getting them because you do not know if they will pop on you at will. 

Having brand name tires on your vehicle is definitely the way to go. You are better off doing this in the long run even if they are expensive. You will have peace of mind knowing that you will not blow out fast.

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